Ever since Ezra Miller stole Justice League with his sly take on The Flash, fans have been clamoring to see Miller’s Barry Allen get his own standalone movie. The long-rumored Flashpoint came closer to fruition after Warner Bros. hired John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein to direct. The duo was coming off the surprise success of Game Night, and after numerous stops and starts, the latest DC franchise seemed to be in good hands.

Well, not so fast (and yes, that pun was intended).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Miller has decided to write his own script for the standalone Flash movie, after reportedly clashing with Daley and Goldstein’s vision of the film. Miller is teaming up with the renowned comics author Grant Morrison to pen what THR describes as a “darker take” on the material. The studio at least wants to see what Miller and Morrison come up with, and have officially hired them to write the movie.

It’s a bold move by Warner Bros. After a rocky start to the DCEU, the studio has earned a bit of breathing room thanks to the success of both Wonder Woman and Aquaman. After the trainwreck that was Justice League, it’s become increasingly clear that DC will never match the sheer breadth and universal approval rating of Marvel. But with those aforementioned films, and interesting projects like Shazam! And Joker en route, it looks like DC may finally be figuring things out.

But hiring Miller to write a darker version of a Flash movie feels antithetical to what made the character work so well in the first place. Fans embraced Miller’s playful take on the speedster, and shunned the more morose aspects of Justice League. On the other hand, since breaking out as a chilling sociopath in We Need to Talk About Kevin, Miller has become one of our most compelling and unpredictable young talents. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. He’s earned it. Though, it seems all parties might have to decide on a vision soon. The Reporter adds that a clause in Miller's contract means he could exit the role in May if no further films are lined up.