The End of the Hunt

Constance Jablonski

Constance Jablonski.

What: For the grand finale of Fabergé and Elephant Family’s citywide egg hunt, eager collectors and the project’s artists gathered uptown to watch 35 egg sculptures—including a Jeff Koons original—go under the gavel.

When: Tuesday, April 22nd

Where: Blooming walls and high hedges transformed Sotheby’s auction floor into an English garden.

Who: A diverse group of supporters, including Alexander Gilkes, Constance Jabonski, Stacy Engman and David Lauren, joined the Elephant Family.

Why: With record-breaking sales (Koons’s seal-and-dolphin-clad egg, for example, sold for $900,000) and copious coups of champagne, the night was a success for all.