If college basketball pools aren't your thing, it's not too late to follow a competition with far more flattering uniforms at socialiteslapdown.com. The site, a spinoff of the New York Observer website, has divided 64 of Manhattan's most prominent partygoing gals and guys about town into four brackets, Brains, Beauty, Birth and Brio. Those who care have been logging on to vote for their favorite socials since March 26. Today marks the "Final Four" round, in which Vogue contributing editor Lauren Davis is pitted against Peter Davis and writer Derek Blasberg is head-to-head with heiress Lydia Hearst (who beat out big sis Gillian Hearst-Shaw in the last round).

The final round will be held tomorrow, April 8. The best bracket predictor will win a Gevril watch, while the runner-up will receive a "Socialite Beauty Package" from the John Barrett Salon—presumably to counteract the effect of two weeks of brain-straining.