Fan Bingbing Returns to the Red Carpet in Alexander McQueen in Beijing

Her first fashion moment since her "disappearance."

71st Cannes Film Festival - Ash Is Purest White premiere
Mustafa Yalcin/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Fan Bingbing is back in the spotlight. After a months-long hiatus, following a legal battle against tax evasion charges, the famed Chinese actress is making her comeback. She did so in an Alexander McQueen pantsuit, with a pink and black color-blocked blazer, a Louis Vuitton Petite Malle clutch, and De Beers diamonds, at an event in Beijing.

Bingbing also returned to posting on social media with the event, as, afterward, she shared photos of her look and the credits, styled by Min Rui. The post marked Bingbing’s first red-carpet Instagram post of the year. The last time she shared one was in May 2018 when she wore a sparkly mint Ali Karoui gown to Cannes and later posted a meme that was inspired by it. It was an event for the IQIYI Ninth Anniversary Gala in Beijing that recently got Bingbing out of the house.

Considering she has a role in 355 alongside Lupita Nyong’o, Jessica Chastain, and Marion Cotillard, it won’t be long before Bingbing’s next red-carpet flex. When that time comes, assumedly during the promotional tour, she will likely be asked about her hiatus. Bingbing hasn’t said much about it, though she did issue an apology in October 2018 on Weibo. Bingbing revealed that she had “lost my ability to govern myself in the face of economic interests, leading myself to break the law,” and “endured an unprecedented amount of pain, undergoing deep self-reflection and introspection…I beg for everyone’s forgiveness!” “I completely accept the penalties given by the taxation authorities after their thorough investigation. I will follow the final order given by the taxation authorities and will do my best to raise funds to pay back the taxes and fines,” she said, per Variety. “I believe that, after this incident, I will uphold the law and respect orders, as well as taking my responsibilities. While I will continue to produce great work for everyone, I will keep a close eye on my company’s management to ensure that my company abides by the law, building it into a great company that is cultured and has high integrity, in order to spread positive energy to society!”