Felicity Huffman Deleted All Her Social Media Accounts After A Solemn Court Appearance

She’s currently out on $250,000 bail.

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Jon Kopaloff

Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin appeared in a Los Angeles court on Friday, after they were charged in the college bribery scandal that rocked the country earlier this week. While cameras were not allowed inside the courtroom, artist Mona Shafer Edwards was on hand to sketch the two embattled actresses, Yahoo! Entertainment reports.

According to Edwards, Loughlin and Huffman were oceans apart in terms of their demeanor. “They were very, very different,” she said. “Totally different attitude, expression and the way that the body was held.” Edwards describe Loughlin as looking “defiant,” as she sat with her arms crossed during the entire hearing. “Kind of a defensive deflection like ‘Don’t touch me. What am I doing here? Where are my people? When am I getting out?’ It was so defiant,” Edwards said. “Loughlin came off, and I think it showed in my drawings, a little arrogant. An illustrator can bring that out maybe more than a camera. However, I wasn’t being subjective. I was just drawing what I saw.”

Apart from her defensive posture, Edwards noted that Loughlin arrived to court wearing full makeup and an outfit that reminded her of something Melania Trump would wear. Huffman on the other hand, was less put together, likely because she had less time to turn herself in than Loughlin did. Edwards says that Huffman sat behind another defendant with her head down, until the judge read her name. “I think Huffman was more authentic and genuine,” she said.

The scandal seems to have taken its toll on Huffman, who deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts, Deadline reports.

The two women, along with dozens of other affluent parents, have been accused of bribing college officials to help their children gain admission into the college of their choice. Huffman is currently out on $250,000 bail.

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