Still holding a torch for young Baryshnikov, fat Karl & Princess Di

Last week, we paid a visit to Fenton/Fallon designer Dana Lorenz's new boutique-cum-showroom tucked at the side of Freeman's Alley on New York's Lower East side. For those not familiar, Fenton is Lorenz's line of...


Last week, we paid a visit to Fenton/Fallon designer Dana Lorenz’s new boutique-cum-showroom tucked at the side of Freeman’s Alley on New York’s Lower East side. For those not familiar, Fenton is Lorenz’s line of luxury pieces, most created with her signature wrapping technique where many different elements—think pearls, chains, rope, mesh, spikes, crystals and stones—are twisted and bound for a sculptural effect. (It’s sold at places like Colette in Paris, London’s Dover Street Market, 10 Corso Como in Milan—you get the picture.) We recently got a look at the designer’s spring/summer collections for both Fenton and Fallon (her simplifed, more graphic line at a lower price point) for 2010.

A lot of this is taking us back a couple decades, right? Yeah, I looked to designers from when I was growing up, like Versace when it was Gianni, Lacroix, even old Ferre. From Versace, it was specifically the hardware-driven, iconic safety pin collection. From Lacroix, it was the pearl and semi-precious stone encrusted stuff. I’m obsessed with those collections! Remember when every model on the runway was an original supermodel? Before Karl had a 28 waist? [Laughs.] I love skinny Karl too, but, if the day ever comes when Alber is a size 0 in leather leggings I just don’t know what I’ll do.

And what about your ballet references? You call one series Robot Ballerina? Yes—I remember being obsessed with Baryshnikov. With Robot Ballerina there’s a ton of nude pearls and peach jade and agate mixed with almost white silver—so futuristic. But the color is like a ballerina slipper or leotard.

You source your trinkets from all over. Tell us about one of your latest discoveries. Well, a plant hook in rose gold looks stunning.

Tell us about your new space—even the bathroom is worth talking about! The first inspiration was Sigourney Weaver’s townhouse in Working Girl. I just thought the scene where Melanie Griffith is snooping around admiring the Beidermeier desk with the Apple IIe computer on it was so funny. It was that clash of grown-up and punk kid I was going for. So I put Baccarat desk accessories next to a $10 phone, stuff like that.

Is there a cultural icon—dead or alive—who you’d like to have wear your jewelry? Well, Michelle Obama has worn Fenton, and she is such an icon. As for celebrities who aren’t alive, well, I would have given anything to see Princess Diana in my pearls.

The Fenton/Fallon shop is located at the end of Freeman Alley in New York City. (212) 477-1315

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