President Sarkozy loves his truffle-stuffed pasta

Parisian chef Eric Frechon is on a roll. Earlier this year, the 45-year-old earned his third Michelin star for his restaurant, Le Bristol, a few months after being awarded the legion d'honneur by Nicolas Sarkozy....


How does the third star change your life? Besides the great emotion it procures at the beginning, it does not change much. I just do my best every day. But other people look at you differently.

Do you have fans? Actually, I do. There is this guy in Belgium who did this blog about me. He sends me emails all the time. It’s weird!

Is there a product you don’t like? Tofu, I deeply dislike tofu. You will never see it on my menu.

What have you got planned for 114 Faubourg? It’s basically a brasserie-rotisserie, but with a new concept that will offer diners the opportunity to choose their own cooking style. They can have their fish grilled one day, poached or fried the next day. It’s a fun project where there will be a lot of surprises. It reminds me the days when I had my own bistro, ten years ago.

What bothers you most when you eat at a restaurant? I hate it when people come to the table every two minutes. They want to please me, but with all the pressure I have, I like to be left alone to enjoy my dinner with my chérie.