Charlize Theron on Therapy, Adoption, and Her Love for Temptation Island

The Bombshell actress speaks with Lynn Hirschberg on the Five Things Podcast.

Colin Dodgson for W Magazine

On Five Things with Lynn Hirschbergthe new podcast from W—Hollywood’s brightest sit down with the magazine’s Editor-at-Large to talk about “Five Things” that have made them who they are: a person, a place, an object, one positive event, and one negative event that ultimately turned into something positive.

The result: candid, insightful, intimate conversations guided by Hirschberg’s singular skill as an interviewer. Topics range from the deeply personal to the nitty-gritty professional—Hirschberg covers the craft of filmmaking and the ins and outs of public life with equal parts curiosity, sensitivity and humor.

On this episode, Charlize Theron opens up about family, her childhood in South Africa, and the people who helped her break into Hollywood. She also speaks candidly about how therapy helped her balance her relationship with her home country and its traumatic history.

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“South Africa has formed me the most as a human and I didn’t really understand it until, like, my mid 30s, late 30s, when I started therapy and I ended up talking way more about growing up in South Africa than I thought I would be talking about my boyfriend at the time or my relationship with my mother,” Theron says. “It’s a good way for me to balance my relationship with my country, with the people that I feel so connected with to do a better job down there.”

Theron also speaks about the process of adopting her two children, shares a story of an unruly camel on her first modeling job in Morocco, confesses her love for Temptation Island and The Bachelor, and reflects on why she considers Tully to be one of her most important roles.

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