Florence Pugh’s Karaoke Song is “My Heart Will Go On”

In her Screen Test, the actress also shares the story of her first kiss and her childhood crush on Leonardo DiCaprio.

by Wmag

“I don’t like scary movies, they’re not my thing,” Florence Pugh says. But: “I love all my scary characters.

The Little Women and Midsommar actress sat down with Lynn Hirschberg for a screen test and chatted about her childhood crush on Leonardo DiCaprio (Titanic was a favorite), her first attempts at wearing makeup (it looked more like “war paint”, and her first kiss, which was during a screening of the thriller The Woman in Black.

The movie terrified her, she says, “I was happy to kiss because I did not want to watch it.”

Pugh says she booked her first-ever audition. “This kind of didn’t help me out for the rest of my career but, in terms of confidence, the first audition I ever did, ever, ever, ever in my entire life for this industry, I got. And so coming to projects after that was so sad,” she says, laughing. “Because I was aware that that was never gonna happen again, and I was right.”

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