"I don't like scary movies, they're not my thing," Florence Pugh says. But: "I love all my scary characters.

The Little Women and Midsommar actress sat down with Lynn Hirschberg for a screen test and chatted about her childhood crush on Leonardo DiCaprio (Titanic was a favorite), her first attempts at wearing makeup (it looked more like "war paint", and her first kiss, which was during a screening of the thriller The Woman in Black.

The movie terrified her, she says, "I was happy to kiss because I did not want to watch it."

Pugh says she booked her first-ever audition. "This kind of didn't help me out for the rest of my career but, in terms of confidence, the first audition I ever did, ever, ever, ever in my entire life for this industry, I got. And so coming to projects after that was so sad," she says, laughing. "Because I was aware that that was never gonna happen again, and I was right."

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