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Photo by Tim Hout, styled by John Olson.

You wouldn't slap on an ill-fitted shirt, so why cut corners with your fragrance? Fortunately, the latest olfactive iterations from some of fashion’s chicest brands offer options for every type of carefully-crafted individual. Take Acqua di Parma's celebratory centennial collection — the Italian opera-derived colognes are as elegant of an experience in the bottle as on the skin. Or Louis Vuitton's mega collection of eight unisex scents that likewise entice the wearer from first glance. The latter could even inspire the most selfish of us to share the scent with a beau. So toss your dating (we mean fragrance) history in the trash. Instead of deterring the next eager on-smeller with, “it was a gift,” take ownership of your aura with a purchase of your own.