Art Out Loud

Free Arts NYC throws down for their annual bash.

Rashid Johnson , Liz Hopfan, and Hank Willis Thomas

What: Free Arts NYC’s 16th Annual Art Auction with Gucci and Beats by Dre honoring artist Rashid Johnson.

When: Wednesday April 30th

Where: The Surrogate’s Courthouse at 31 Chambers Street New York.

Who: A young crowd including Alexander Gilkes, Alexandra Chemla, and Sophie Oakley came out to support the art education non-profit, which works to provide arts programing to New York City schools.

Why: Thanks to the evening’s refreshingly rambunctious crowd, Free Arts NYC took its annual auction to new heights, pulling in $410,000 dollars for a work by Christopher Wool.

Photos: Art Out Loud

Rashid Johnson , Liz Hopfan, and Hank Willis Thomas. Photo by

Andi Potamkin. Photo by

Alexandra Chemla and Casey Fremont. Photo by

Bettina Prentice and Brooke Shields. Photo by

Daniel Arsham and Claire Distenfeld. Photo by

Richard Phillips, Kate Bolduan, Amy Phelan, and Alexander Gilkes. Photo by

Tali Lennox. Photo by

Thelma Golden. Photo by