Friday’s Reading List

No one is immune. Steven Meisel spreads a fashion virus as contagious as H1N1 in an editorial spread for Vogue Italia. refinery29Going brow-less. Find out how supermodels who bleached their brows for S/S 2010 shows...


Going brow-less. Find out how supermodels who bleached their brows for S/S 2010 shows didn’t get burned by the fairest-of-all trend. Fashionista

Trainspotting meets trendspotting. Warren Buffet just bought a railroad for $26 Billion and now overalls are spring’s runaway hit. Are you ready to get on board?

Fly Chanel Fly! Chanel Iman has been chosen to be one of the new Victoria Secret Angels for 2009. Here’s a rundown of just how high those wings can take her. Glamour

Forget cocktail rings.The must have party accessory is the finger food ring–if you actually eat at parties. SwissMiss * Yea or Nay! Do or Don’t! Camilla Belle in McQueen’s peacock moment has bloggers all a flutter., Glamour*

The well-dressed underdog. NYC got mobbed this week by Lloyd Dobler dopplegangers to celebrate the release of Say Anything on Blu-Ray proving that the t-shirt, trench and boombox ensemble is still a classic alt boy look. Popcandy

Narciso’s latest launch: “Every woman needs a signature scent. Sunlight and musk were the inspiration behind Essence, my newest fragrance. No scent is more sensual or more memorable to me than musk,” he says. Plus he reveals his favorite looks, secret obsession and best online gift store. Huffingtonpost

Bye bye Botox. A British doctor has created a new “Dracula Therapy” where your own blood is drawn, reformulated and re-injected into your face for lasting immortality, we mean youth. StyleList