The hotness! Scantily clad Angels bounced their way down the runway at the Victoria Secret Fashion show last night. But Heidi Klum won the audience's heart by strutting her post-baby body and proving that she can bounce back. The Huffington Post

New Moon creates shift in party scene. When the Gossip Girl cast starts following other PYT's around town, it becomes official: The Twilight gang are the new "it" crew...and they'll take blood over alcohol. Guest of a Guest

Are furry vests are getting eclipsed by fluffy down? The new winter must-have comes from Pharrell's collaboration with Moncler. Can't decide which you covet more? Get both. Fashionista

Or you could go gorilla like Naomi. The Cut

Beyoncé succumbs to the Gaga effect. We were too mesmerized to count the costume changes in her "Video Phone" performance with Lady Gaga. But we enjoyed this analysis. The Cut

IMDB for fashion. All this talk about fashion and social networking is well and good but if you want something really useful check out MyFDB.com. It's IMDB for the fashion industry and lists credits for everyone including designers, models and photographers to creative directors, stylists, hair and makeup, set designers, and food stylists. It's an industry breakthrough from the day it launched. Fashionista

Sarah Palin's stylist reveals why she spent so much so fast. "It was the Friday of a holiday weekend and there wasn't a person around. The only avenue was retail, straight retail." Glamour

Looking foxy for Fox? When Sarah Palin picks her own clothes she looks like a news anchor. At least that what the aqua-colored suit she wore on Oprah this week seemed to be saying. The Daily Beast

To Helsinki and back. Finnair's new travel incentive offers frequent flyer miles for plastic surgery (face lifts and breast implants). The catch: one breast enhancement would require 120 round trip tickets from Helsinki to New York. Allure