Game of Thrones‘ Battle of Winterfell and Avengers: Endgame Falling on the Same Weekend Has Twitter Weeping

All the memes and reactions for every weepy feeling the Internet is feeling right now.

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This weekend is a monumental one for nerds and the rest of the world who love a big-budget action fest. Not only does Game of Thrones nail-biting “Battle of Winterfell” go down tonight and promise to monopolize your time, but so does Avengers: Endgame, which opened on Friday and has since generated a record-setting $1.2 billion worldwide at the box office. Which is all to say, there is going to be a whole lot of character deaths to process, between Game of Thrones‘ the Night King and Avengers‘ Thanos cleaning out their respective casts. All of this is enough to make you emotionally shut down, but, for those in need of help coping, Twitter has plenty of reactions to empathize with.

There is pretty much a meme for every feeling about the upcoming Battle of Winterfell and the battle for the universe, aka the Avengers: Endgame movie. According to Twitter, the first stage is recognizing that it will be hard to endure what’s coming.

Or, you could begin by anticipating your therapy needs in the wake of watching both Game of Thrones and Avengers: Endgame this weekend. As one Twitter user suggested, “1. Book your therapy appointments early 2. Buy waterproof mascara & tissues 3. Remember, nothing matters and everything is awful. We’re all in this existential crisis together.”

Then, it wouldn’t hurt to begin anticipating the characters you’ll inevitably have to say goodbye to. For Game of Thrones, there are a lot of fans worried about the Stark family. For Avengers: Endgame, the equivalent is Iron Man.

Actually, just accept that really anyone can die.

Take it from The Office‘s Michael Scott, who predicted exactly how to feel about it: “I am ready to get hurt again,” as one Twitter user tweeted that frame with the commentary, “Me going into this weekend knowing all my favorite Avengers and Game of Thrones characters that I’ve invested in for the past 7 years are about to die.”

Lastly, remember who’s responsible for all of this emotional turmoil. “Just a reminder that these two individuals will be killing off our favorite characters in the same week?⚰,” as one person tweeted along with photos of Thanos and the Night King.

And don’t forget to laugh at the absurdity of all of this.