Get The Look: Poor Little Punk Girl

To achieve the punk princess look, you need lots of eyeliner, bottles of colored hair powder, and boxes upon boxes of safety pins. The night before the “Poor Little Punk Girl” shoot, makeup artist...


The night before the “Poor Little Punk Girl” shoot, makeup artist Peter Philips received a rather odd request from the photographer: “Inez [van Lamsweerde] called me up and said, ‘Bring lots of safety pins tomorrow,’” he recalls. “I thought, Isn’t that something the stylist should do?” As it turned out, the pins became a major element in the punking up of sweet actress Mia Wasikowska, with rows of them delicately affixed to her face, neck, and chest using makeup glue. “It took a long time,” says Philips, laughing. “I was totally zoned in, applying them one by one. But Mia was really into it, so that helped.” To complete the look, hairstylist Christiaan, known for his avant-garde ’dos, employed copious amounts of Bumble and bumble Hair Powder to create Wasikowska’s modified mohawk. “The more powder you spray on, the harder and stiffer the hair gets,” he says. Christiaan, who topped things off by adding a few brightly colored hair extensions, was grateful that Wasikowska’s long locks had been shorn into a shag. “When you have that kind of haircut, you can get there easily,” he explains. “If you have Snooki hair, not so easy.”