Everything You Want to Know About Gigi Hadid

In 6 seconds.

by Zachary Etheart

Gigi Hadid

On the set of her September issue video shoot, cover star Gigi Hadid vacillated between silly and seriously thoughtful. Here, some of her best moments:

On what to think when you’re walking down the runway: “You wanna be, like, grateful but not excited. Hungry but not starving.”

On developing her signature walk: “Have you ever seen a cheetah walk? Everything moves together. You know, I think it’s really important to find your method.”

On the biggest runway faux pas possible: “It’s always left foot in front of right foot. If you go right in front of left, like, everyone’s gonna now. It’s embarrassing. It’s like social suicide.”

On her modeling philosophy: “Honestly, the world is your runway.”

On her #SquadGoals with Kendall, Cara and Taylor: “We want to be known as the group of girls that are known for our kindness rather than our cattiness.”

On the acting roles she’ll never take: “The ones that I always pass on are the dumb model. Um… I will never play that. It’s just so cliché to me.”

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