Maybelline just released their limited edition collection with Gigi Hadid. The one Bella Hadid was so excited about. The theme behind the collection is based on geography, for some reason (that's not how makeup works?), but ultimately, if Maybelline's assumption is that I want my face to look like Gigi Hadid's face for $14.99 per product, then they are correct.

gigi maybelline.jpg
My new face.


East Coast Glam (three lipsticks with matching lip liners, a tinted primer, liquid strobe, liquid eyeliner, mascara, two eye contour palettes and an eye contour brush) is "the ultimate representation of New York and cosmopolitan glam," which, sure. It is also inspired by "SoHo, Gigi's favorite neighborhood." Okay. The palette is designed to help a city woman such as myself go from "sharp in her morning meetings to feeling sexy and city chic at night." No complaints there.

gigi east coast.jpg


West Coast Glow (three lipsticks with matching lip liners, a tinted primer, liquid strobe, gel eyeliner, two eyeshadow palettes, mascara, and eyeshadow brush) will also take a gal "effortlessly" from day to night, but has a more "laid-back, beachy feel." It's inspired by California, because Gigi is from California. I am also from California (we have so much in common), and I can confirm: laid-back makeup is all the rage. If my eyeliner is not laid-back, then I am not either.

gigi west coast.jpg


The Jetsetter Palette is, per the press release, "the secret to looking selfie-ready after a long day of traveling." So glad I'm always going to be selfie-ready, no matter where I am on Earth. I'd hate to be caught unawares by a selfie. This palette comes in a "slim compacts," which is good for Gigi because she is the "ultimate world traveler."



The entire collection is now available on, and will be in Ulta stores on November 5.

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