"Girls" and Mary Ellen Mark Are Having a Moment

Clinton, Hillary
On the trail with Clinton's cadre of beat reporters. In an election year when the politics of gender have been particularly fraught, what does it mean for the women covering the campaign?

Driver, Adam Beautiful person and Girls alumnus (almost) who can now add Jim Jarmusch to his already-stacked resume of collaborators.

Dunham, Lena
Girls creator and newly minted two-time author; her collection of diary entries from 2005 to 2006 sold out in 24 hours because everybody loves, as Dunham explains it on Lenny, a "woefully misguided girl."

Jones, Grace
Turns 68 today; still got it.

Mark, Mary Ellen
Having a moment. Her series Attitude is currently on view at Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York, and Tiny: Streetwise Revisited will go up at Aperture Gallery at the end of the month — see a preview of the show, here.

Miller, Rebecca
Director of the new Greta Gerwig film Maggie's Plan, "beautifully eccentric," has some thoughts on women in Hollywood.

The New York City-based boutique everyone's talking about — Naomi Campbell and Jennifer Lopez are both fans. It was an early purveyor of brands about to make it big. After 20 years, it's closing its doors permanently, going out with a massive sale.

Squad, Suicide Cara Delevingne's upcoming anti-superhero movie, in which she plays a member of a squad of sociopathic villains tasked with saving humanity. She discusses the role in W's new June/July cover story.

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