Embarrassing Mom Goldie Hawn Confirmed the Kate Hudson-Nick Jonas Fling

Goldie Hawn may be a national treasure, but no one is immune from embarrassing their children. Only most don’t do it on Andy Cohen’s TV show.

If you were in the Los Angeles area last night and heard, somewhere off in the distance, someone yelping “Moooooooom!” in a mix of outrage and embarrassment it was probably Kate Hudson reacting to Goldie Hawn‘s appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live last night.

Hawn may be a national treasure that many of us have wished were our own mother, but that national treasure status does not immunize Hawn from a flaw common amongst most moms: being totally embarrassing. In fact, her fame means she can take delight in embarrassing her children on a national level.

Hawn and Snatched co-star Amy Schumer were guests on Cohen’s show last night, and a caller asked about Hudson’s purported fling with young Nick Jonas. The relationship was widely speculated on in the tabloids, but neither the Oscar-nominated actress nor the Teen Choice Awards-winning musician ever confirmed it. Jonas once did say he and Hudson “had an unbelievable connection as two humans,” which is saying a lot without confirming anything.

Well, Hawn wasn’t as shy.

“I just wanted to know what your first reaction was when you heard Kate and Nick Jonas were dating,” asked the caller.

“Oh, that’s too funny!” squealed Hawn.

“Yeah, they go there on this show,” said Schumer.

“You know what, let me tell you something, as long as the kids are having fun,” continued Hawn.

Cohen also asked Hawn if she ever got a chance to cook dinner for Jonas.

“No, but I would have if it lasted long enough,” she replied.

Well, at least the Hawn-Hudson family has a history of confirming or denying Hudson’s dating life with jokes. Earlier this year, Kate’s brother Oliver Hudson dismissed rumors that Hudson was dating Brad Pitt with a few jokes dispatched on Twitter.

And whatever the situation was with Hudson and Jonas, she’s since moved on. She’s now red carpet-official with new boyfriend Danny Fujikawa.

As for Hawn, she wasn’t done completely embarassing her kids. The Watch What Happens Live YouTube channel has also uploaded a clip entitled “Goldie Hawn Talks About Son Oliver Hudson’s Penis.”

Hey, it’s Mother’s Day weekend. She can do whatever she wants.

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Kate Hudson

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Photographer: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott Stylist: Alex White

Gareth Pugh’s leather and wool dress, at Seven, New York,

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Hair by Luigi Murenu/Streeters for Kerastase Paris; makeup by Charlotte Tilbury/Management Artists; manicure by Yuna Park/Streeters. Production by LalaLand; digital Imaging by D-Touch; postproduction by Dreamer Post. Photography assistants: Angelo Pennetta, Gareth Horton and Maurizio Bavutti. Fashion assistants: Kathryn Typaldos and Martha Violante.

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Kate Hudson in her Pacific Palisades residence.

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W‘s October 2005 cover.

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