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I'm not usually one to stray from my same few pairs of tried and true blue jeans, even with—especially with —the rapid frequency of denim launches these days. But after recently checking out the new designs of Allureblues, I've decided to move on and change my ways.

Created by a team of young female designers, the collection delivers just what women like myself want in a pair of jeans: minimal details and great washes without the all the bells and whistles. (No crazy embellishment! No over-the-top whiskers!)

The raw indigo washes actually feel soft and the waxed black denim is chic with a polished edge. The line also comes in various shades of grays, navy, and a style with buttons at the ankles. Arriving in New York this July at stores like TG-170 and Blush, the jeans will surely make getting dressed more difficult. Something else to love—the cuts are meant the flatter a woman's curves. Basically, why wouldn't you want a pair...or four?