Grace Mahary Hates Wearing Makeup, Loves Facials

The Canadian model shares her beauty notes.

Model Grace Mahary Shares Her Beauty Secrets

Although Grace Mahary is a newcomer to the pages of W, (her first appearance is in August 2014’s “Banal Plus”), the 24-year-old model is no amateur when it comes to maintaining a healthy, beautiful lifestyle. Here, the former athlete reveals her secret to perfect skin, staying fit, and mom-approved eyebrows.

Your look: Sporty, casual, with a hint of fashion.

Daily routine: At night, I use a cleanser. In the morning, I just rinse, moisturize, and go.

Beauty from the inside out: I do yoga.

Exercise regime: I used to be an athlete, so I generally like taking classes.

Beauty essentials: I hate wearing makeup.

Skincare secret: I switch around. I was a big fan of Clinique and then I switched over to Kiehls. I also like Esteé Lauder.

Day to night look: New York is funny because once you leave the house, you really don’t come back until the end of the day, so my look is pretty functional throughout the day and night.

Eyes or lips: I like a lip. A dark purple or nice red, that works for me.

Air-dry or blowout: I love to leave it natural, but it doesn’t really work out that way.

Best advice from mom: To love yourself… and to tweeze. She always told me to tweeze my brows.

Best advice from the pros: A moisturizing facial massage will make a difference in how your skin looks when you put makeup on, no matter what. You have to, and you get a massage out of it!

Necessary splurge: Chanel mascara.

Drugstore favorite: EOS lip balms, I love them.

Fragrance of choice: Calvin Klein Euphoria.

Beauty icons: Iman Abdulmajid.