Pretty Young Things

Stylish guests like Chelsea Leyland, Joseph Altuzarra, and Kyleigh Kuhn, gathered for the Guggenheim Museum's Young Collectors Party. See the photos here.

Chelsea Leyland

Last night, New York’s next generation of art aficionados—including Cary Fukunaga, Joseph Altuzarra, and Kyleigh Kuhn—congregated at the Guggenheim Museum‘s Young Collectors Party, hosted by David Yurman, for a night of champagne, caviar, and music by DJ Chelsea Leyland.

Photos: Pretty Young Things

Chelsea Leyland. Photo by

Amanda Gluck and Katrina Bowden. Photo by

Alexander Gilkes. Photo by

Atmosphere. Photo by

Albie Hueston, Kyleigh Kuhn, and Piers Hargreaves-Adams. Photo by

Joseph Altuzarra and Jeff Weissman. Photo by

Atmosphere. Photo by