Hailee Steinfeld Is Not Your Average Teenager, But She Does Love Drake

The musical artist and star of “The Edge of Seventeen,” who is turning 20 years old this weekend, on her favorite music, movies, and more.

Getty Images for Swarovski

The actress and musical artist Hailee Steinfeld has always been beyond her years. At the age of thirteen, she landed her first major film role, which happened to be alongside Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon in the Cohen brothers’ True Grit. And as she told W magazine in 2013, she cried her eyes out on the last day of shooting, as any teenage girl would on the last day of school. But Damon and Bridges responded reassuringly: “Don’t worry — this is only the beginning.”

Today, Steinfeld is an Oscar-nominated, nineteen-going-on-twenty-year-old pop star (her birthday is this weekend), who most recently played the lead in “The Edge of Seventeen,” which was written and directed by Kelly Fremon Craig and is being lauded by critics as “The Best Teen Movie In Years.” Unlike most teenagers, however, Steinfeld doesn’t have time to watch television and was homeschooled after she started acting. Plus, she’s got a Swarovski watch on her Christmas list. But, despite all her accolades, Steinfeld still loves normal things, like watching “The Parent Trap,” listening to Drake and Eminem, and hanging out with her friends, like Taylor Swift. Totally casual.

Describe yourself as a 17-year-old girl. How were you similar and/or different from your character? The one similarity between my 17-year old self and who I am as a soon-to-be 20-year-old is that I’m no less inquisitive and excited about exploring adulthood. Certainly, I’ve discovered a lot about myself over the last three years, but my curiosity about life beyond my teen years is really exciting.

Three words that describe your generation: Ambitious, Invested, Empowered.

What was your favorite subject in school?And a book that has stuck with you? I was for the most part fond of History as a subject. As for book, Milk & Honey by Rupi Kaur is required reading.

Film character in history that you most relate to: Tatum O’Neal in Paper Moon.

Last movie that made you cry: Me Before You.

Movie that never gets old: The Parent Trap (with Lindsey Lohan)

The TV shows currently keeping you up at night: I honestly don’t watch TV enough to be glued to the couch. At least for now.

Three words that describe your style: Flirty, sophisticated, bold.

Something you would never wear: Crocs.

The first item you ever bought with your own money: Betsey Johnson handbag.

Beauty products you can’t live without: Rose Water spray, under eye concealer, and mascara.

What you’re listening to on repeat right now: Drake‘s “Views.”

Song that always gets you motivated: Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.”

Number of unread text messages at this very moment: One.

Social media pet peeve: When people tag me in a tweet but still spell my name wrong in the text.

Instagram stories or Snapchat? I like them both equally. Snapchat has fun filters, but I like Instagram Stories for long-form posts.

Most-used emoji: Heart.

Guilty pleasure: Donuts.

Favorite weekend activity with friends: The beach is my outdoor home.

What you eat for breakfast each morning: I’m loyal to my breakfast burrito or egg scramble.

Gift on your holiday wish list: There’s a Swarovski watch that’s part of the new collection. I wouldn’t mind if that wound up in my stocking.

Last thing you do before going to bed: Plug my phone in.