Around this time of year, most 20 year-olds are gearing up for spring break. Hailee Steinfeld, however, is not a typical 20 year-old. While many of her peers are taking off to Mexico, the multi-hyphenate star is in the midst of filming Pitch Perfect 3, and balancing her pop music career. Should she ever need a beach vacation--or rather, have time for one--the actress is not lacking in the proper footwear department: Steinfeld was just named the face of REEF sandals. Here, the actress and singer shares her top warm weather travel tips, as well has her upcoming summer plans, and the eternal debate of to Coachella or not to Coachella.

What is your favorite warm weather vacation destination?

I was recently in Barbados for a job and I definitely hope to go back soon. The weather was perfect, the people were inviting, and the food was amazing.

What is your favorite mode of travel?

I happen to love driving. There's something about hopping in your car that gives off a choose your own adventure vibe. It's more on your own terms than other forms of transportation and I love an opportunity to be spontaneous. I do also love flying because I can catch up on movies and sleep.

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Who is the best person you’ve ever been seated next to on a plane?

I love sitting next to my mom whenever I'm traveling. We laugh ourselves to sleep pretty much every flight.

What do you always pack for a day at the beach?

My headphones, a gigantic bottle of water, plenty of sunscreen, a comfy blanket, and my REEF Escapes.

What is your current beach read?

I wish I could say I was currently reading a book but I find that when I do have downtime to read, I'm catching up on scripts or reading the latest breaking news online.

Are you planning to attend any musical festivals this season?

I hope to be attending Coachella this year but it will all depend on my work schedule. I remain hopeful because some of my favorite acts are performing...

What is your favorite place you’ve ever traveled?

There are too many to choose. Paris and Tokyo both have special places in my heart for different reasons but I also know there are so many places I haven't even yet gotten to visit. I'm so lucky that my job takes me all over the world. It's surreal.

What is on the top of your vacation bucket list?

Great question. I'm currently trying to figure out where my next vacation will be. Tulum seems to keep resurfacing...

What is the best souvenir you’ve ever picked up on a trip?

I can't pinpoint just one. Whenever I'm visiting a new place I always try to grab something that will always remind me of the trip. I've got a great collection of memories that includes even the smallest items like match books or postcards.

What beauty products do you always use when traveling?

When I'm in vacation mode, I like to be as relaxed as possible so as long as I have a great SPF, a moisturizer, and some sea salt spray so that I can air-dry my hair, I'm set.

What are your go-to travel snacks?

There's usually chocolate involved. My last flight included a bag yogurt-covered pretzels which are a favorite of mine.

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