Prince Harry’s Dorm Room Photo of Halle Berry Has Finally Been Addressed by the Actress 15 Years Later

And her response is hilarious.

Prince Harry at Eton
© Pool Photograph/Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

A 15-year-old connection between Prince Harry and Halle Berry has officially been addressed. Earlier today photos of the royal’s dorm room at Eton College went viral, depicting 18-year-old Harry sitting with a large grin in front of a wall he collaged. In the center of it, above his head, was a photo of the actress cut and pasted onto a tapestry. Within hours of the photos resurfacing, Berry weighed in on her presence in his dorm room.

The actress shared W‘s own article about the photos. She also threw in a zoomed-in photo of herself on his wall for good measure, writing, “Ok #PrinceHarry, I see you! ? #HalleBerryPosta @MissyElliott.” The hashtag and tagging of Missy Elliott’s name were both references to her 2002 hit “Work It,” from her Under Construction album, which was released a year before Harry’s dorm room photos are taken.

In the song, Missy name-drops Berry, rapping, “Let’s get drunk, that’s gonna bring us closer/ Don’t I look like a Halle Berry poster?/ See the Belvedere playing tricks on ya.” Apparently the line has stuck with Berry because this isn’t the first time she’s tweeted it.

Coincidentally, at the beginning of the month Berry and Missy had an exchange over the song with the actress finally commenting on it 16 years later. After Berry wrote “yes” with a fire emoji on one of Missy’s Instagram posts, the rapper shared it along with the note, “So humbled when u see @halleberry comment under your rap ???? she’s so Legendary!!!!” Before long, Berry replied, adding the hashtag one more time, writing, “Takes one to know one, so in love with your work and creativity, @MissyElliott !! ??✨♥️ #LivingLegend #HalleBerryPosta.” Missy then acknowledged that — possibly like Prince Harry — she had been waiting for over a decade in anticipation of Berry’s acknowledgement.

“Now after all these years I always wondered did @halleberry ever hear the line in ‘Work It’ when I said don’t I look like a Halleberry Posta I said I know Halle like hell Nah??? but just to see her hashtag that made my week!,” she tweeted, adding, “Thank you Legend?❤️ I’m so humbled??”

No doubt Prince Harry is feeling the same way right about now. Because there are reminders all around us of how small the world actually is, Berry and Prince Harry share another connection. Earlier this summer it was reported that a movie based on Meghan Markle’s life, specifically the idea of a former actress marrying a prince, was eyeing Berry to play an older version of Markle after the character divorces from the royal family. “It will be big budget and a big-name director will be wanted to helm the project and give it some weight, as it tackles huge themes about class and conspiracy theories,” a source told Radar (so take it with a grain of salt). Given the bond that Berry and Harry now share, though, that story seems all the more unlikely.