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For Halloween, Twitter's Favorite Astrologers Have Your October Horoscopes

Autumn is a supernatural season. The spirits of the other world are always around but the veil between us and them is most thin in October—and of course on Halloween. In your horoscopes this month we’ve recommended a ritual or some small daily adjustment that we hope will help. Whether it’s a certain color, crystal, or activity that we’ve recommended, try to think of autumn as a season where things deepen and bloom as opposed to where things end. The full moon this month lands on the 5th and it is in Aries. The new moon on the 19th is in Libra. This year, imagine your costume (and even your daily wardrobe) as a nod to your future self.

Yours in the stars and on Earth, The Astro Poets


The most important thing to hold onto this month is your focus. It may feel like many small and arbitrary requests from friends, work, and lovers are piling up and weighing you down. You’ll need to leave some of those unanswered and trust that people can figure out certain problems on their own because you have work to do on your own internal life and dreams. We’re talking about the long future here. Not just choosing what your Halloween costume will be, which we know is easy for you because you’re sort of a chameleon. A ritual that will be helpful in keeping your mind on long term goals is this one: write down three things you wish to let go of (on slips of paper, in red ink) in order to achieve something you’re dreaming of in the next five years. Fill a bowl with water. Burn each slip of paper and put it out by dropping it in the bowl. Place the bowl on a dresser to your left and sleep with it there for one night. The future will bloom.


Many doors have opened for you or are about to. This month is not a time for reflection but a time for action. You need to capitalize on every opportunity that comes your way. Someone important is going to resurface in your life around the middle of October—it may be a past lover, a friend you haven’t heard from for a long time, or a business partner. Take what they’ll propose seriously. And if they ask to see you, make sure you wear one orange item, or have something orange on you—it is a color of prosperity and luck for your Taurean spirit, even though you may not know that. And although we know you like to stay in and luxuriate, or stay in and collect yourself—go out and be wild this Halloween. Doing is better than just dreaming right now. The person you’re looking to meet is out there and they’ll recognize you as anyone would recognize the perfect orange bloom.

Foundation of Fashion Understanding


Taking the time to listen to the important people around you will save you this month. We know you’re including your several selves in that list of important people but what we’re trying to say is: rely on others, not all your alter egos. This will be especially crucial at work and in terms of whatever projects you’re working on. Generating ideas is something you’re good at, but look to a Virgo or Aries this month for help when it comes to execution. Another trick we’d like to offer up in this month of ghosts and spirits is to carry a piece of black tourmaline on you at all times. It will keep the doubting voices away. Your misguided haters but also those voices which come from within you. And because we know you love to entertain, instead of going to every Halloween party again and giving a wild speech to get everyone’s attention—throw your own party and invite all your secret crushes and frenemies too. This will give you the levity you need this month, which will be demanding. Someone somewhere will be asking you for the receipts. And you’re a summer child of bloom—so prepare.


Cancers are goth. You know this, we know this. This may be the time to turn up all your mystical energy and direct it toward your interior life. Not your soul but your living space. In order to make room for a big decision and life change that will arrive either at the end of this year or the beginning of next, this October you should take the time to really get rid of things (not people). Make your space more open. Find a photograph or painting of an open field or a body of water in full motion and hang it where it will be one of the first things you see when you wake up. It’s an ethereal time of year and your intuition will help you make the right choice about a deliberation having to do with money and your time. Clear out as much clutter as possible in order to make this decision. On Halloween it may be best to stay home with a good bottle of wine and imagine a more simple life somewhere down the line. Buy a plant that blooms white and care for it.


An agenda to set things straight and attain clarity with certain people in your life is in order. This is difficult for you because while Leos may appear to be confrontational, they aren’t. Yes, you’re bold, but at the end of the day you really need to know you’re admired, so confrontation is a risk. It’s one risk you’ll have to take this October. We recommend buying a pendant, small statue, or some kind of a representation of the Greek goddess Hecate—goddess of crossroads, magic and ghosts. She will give you the willpower you need to ask for what you want while also allowing you the allure of mystery you crave in social interactions. When it comes to how you should spend that night of nights—Halloween—use it as an opportunity to tell a good friend about a secret you’ve been holding onto but need help resolving in your mind. The spirits will guide you through the blooming night.

Divine White Mission


You’ve likely made a considerable investment (yes, we’re talking money) or are about to. The stars know you’re craving security, but the area where you really should be making big investments in is your love life. Either you need a reboot or someone new. The colder nights are indeed coming and you’re a sign that likes attending to a partner who needs you and shows that. Take the unexpected trip or invitation to a night out. Put aside the lists for once and let someone take control of what one weekend looks like. Inviting spontaneity and play is something ghosts do well. Be a ghost this October. That’s one way to meet the future. The fire signs in your life are crucial to helping you with this and all new love, so listen to them. If you don’t have one, buy a Ouija board and on Halloween night ask it that one very important question you have about love. You know the one. Maybe it has to do with the past. Have it answered once and for all so it doesn’t continue to bloom inside you.


As Libra season is in full force, now is the time of fruition for much of what you’ve been planning this year. You won’t even have to do any sweet-talking to make it happen—many of these things are fated—and you’ll have to go about your day-to-day life as elegantly as you already do for everything to happen. And that’s a good thing, because if there is one thing you’re feeling deeply right now, it’s exhaustion. Make October the month of deep sleep. It will calm the jagged edges and key you into the world of dreams. You must pay attention to the lessons your dreams bring you this month. Try to keep a dream journal, writing down every impression and image you can remember upon waking. Read this journal often when you aren’t sleeping, maybe at the end of a long day—it will reveal a lot about how you should start moving on in your waking life. Moving on from a doomed love or a static living arrangement—two things you most dwell in. This dream world will give you direction for how to make the flower of your life into a more gorgeous, chilly bloom.


October is a special time for Scorpio. There is no truer portrait of Scorpio energy than the height of fall. Everything stewing and the possibility of life from the spring and summer reaping dark and moody harvest. This month, you’ll find many people around you being somewhat powerless in the face of your everyday magic. But instead of using that power in destructive ways, we suggest you harness it for good. Most practically, you should spend your time fortifying your social connections. Every Scorpio has a long lost love for whom they long for (the lucky ones are with this person, but this is rare). Now is the time to get back in contact with them and say hello (we know you may be a bit reticent to tell them how you actually feel). Also, it’s a misinterpretation that many astrologers believe you aren’t a party person. We suggest you throw a big party this month—with your oldest friends—and celebrate your season coming into bloom. Costumes and clothes optional.

Children of Miuccia


Unlike other signs, you’re not one to stay in a state of indecision. As the hard line between summer and fall starts to fade, you’ll begin a period of greater change than you’ve known in a long time. Sagittarius is a brave sign. It’s important to remind yourself of this as many things in your career and romantic life start to shift. We don’t know any Sagittarius who wants to remain in the same motion for too long and you must remember that you thrive in crisis. Instead of anticipating fear, put your energy into finishing a big project you haven’t had the space to finish for years. We suggest you invest in some clear quartz, whether as jewelry to wear or to put around the house. The quartz will absorb your fear and send you clarity. Start to think of Halloween and all the spectacles it brings to our daily lives. We forget this as adults, but many children use their costumes as conduits for the kind of people they want to be as they grow older. Think of who you want to be going forward and move into this personality like a costume, until you are part of its blooming reality.


After the sheen of September wears off, fall can be depressing for some signs. You are one of them and this October may begin to feel a little bleak. You may have suffered some losses this past year, both financial and personal. As Halloween approaches, you should engage in a ritual to help clear your aura. Try finding a moonstone and placing it on your forehead. If it’s possible write down all of the things you miss, while holding the moonstone on your third eye. Whenever you enter into a deep sadness, review the list and add to it. Try to think of the list as things you’ve had to hold, versus having lost because as a Capricorn you retain a richness of experience that extends beyond a present in which you have everything and everyone you want around you. In the love department, be on the lookout for someone new mid-month. That someone may be an air sign. Although not your easiest match, there is a great deal you can learn from air signs, who are our great communicators. And going forward, try not to see the heart as a thing to hold tightly but as a moving object to set into bloom.


In this month of witchery, you might consider getting together with a small group of friends and doing a séance, not to contact the spirits of the other world (we’ve all seen enough bad horror movies to know how this ends), but to your past selves. That is, real selves, not lives, as all of us carry with us many versions of ourselves whom we’ve shed like snakeskin as time wears on and we grow. You can do it just like a regular séance: put some familiar fabric down, one that is often in your living space and is full of your energy, and adorn your circle of friends in amethyst and various other stones of your choosing. Light white and red candles. Call out to your past selves and try to revisit who you were 10 years ago—while sipping a cocktail of course. It helps. Ask that person from long ago if they are happy with the present version of you. If not, ask them why. The answer may surprise you. Try to carry that answer with you this month like a fall flower, a hearty Garden Mum, who despite the cold, always calms the room with its rich bloom.


You have a kindred relationship to the coming cold. Like your water sign cousin Scorpio, you’re often drawn to the gloom that arrives with it. This causes you to live with more humility and kindness. You will have a tendency to be even more nurturing this month, as you feel the intensity of autumn’s shadowy energy. We told you back in August to start drawing and we hope you did. This month, in order to make sure that this nurturing is for self-love and not just for others, try performing a ritual in which you draw what it means to be free. Free from having to absorb everyone’s problems and their emotional burdens. Keep drawing the same picture each day this month, adding to it until you have something quite complex, perhaps even mysterious to you. You can use this idea of freedom as a guide when you’re feeling restless. In other news, there are good things coming your way at work. A new job or promotion are in your future. If it’s the latter, you may have to slightly manipulate someone to make it happen. But we don’t think this will be a problem. After all, it’s in the holy art of persuasion that your Pisces powers come into full bloom.

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