Harleth Kuusik Loves French Fries, Drinks Lots of Water

The Estonian model shares a page from her beauty notes.

Harleth Kuusik

Model Harleth Kuusik, who has appeared in the pages of W several times (“La Clique, C’est Chic” and “The Mix-Up“), has the ethereal blonde locks and clear, glowing skin that most of us can only dream of. Here, she shares the secrets to maintaining her natural beauty.

Define your look in three words: Little bit o’everything.

5-minute routine: Quick shower, make sure my hair looks fine, brush my teeth and if I’m in the mood, I moisturize my face.

Never leave the house without: Water!

Beauty from the inside out: Confidence.

Exercise regime: I exercise whenever I remember that I have a gym pass. (This happens about once a month.)

Dare to diet: Oh no, I can’t live without french fries and burgers!

Beauty essentials: Caudalie Beauty Elixir.

Skincare secret: Using as few products as possible on my skin.

Hair remedy: Wash it as little as possible.

In-tub must-read: I am always scared to drop something in the tub, so I am usually reading my shampoo labels.

Fragrance of choice: Calvin Klein One Shock.

Best advice from mom: Put cold spoons under my eyes whenever I have bags under them!

Best advice from the pros: Use hairspray to keep wild eyebrows under control.

Beauty icon: Diana Vreeland.