Housing Works

Henry Street Settlement honors the next generation of movers and shakers.

Monique Pean and Chris Gelinas

What: Henry Street Settlement’s Annual Dinner Dance.

When: Tuesday, April 14th

Where: The ballroom of The Plaza Hotel.

Who: The evening’s honorees, Marissa Sackler and Michael A. Steinberg, were joined by a fashionable assortment of guests including Monique Pean and Jen Brill.

Why: Even in the thick of gala season, the dinner drew a monumental crowd. It’s hard not to be generous when celebrating one of the city’s oldest non-profits.

Photos: Housing Works

Monique Pean and Chris Gelinas. Photo by

Marissa Sackler. Photo by

Joan Steinberg and Michael Steinberg. Photo by

Jen Brill and Chrissie Miller. Photo by

Claudius Agrippa. Photo by

Coco Kopelman and Arie Kopelman. Photo by