Drink Up

Thirsting for the next generation of health potions.

Inside The Organic Pharmacy

Maybe fashion’s green juice obsession is taking things to the next level, but we’ve noticed that potent herbal remedies—all-natural healers once sequestered to hippie co-ops—are having a moment, showing up in new beauty boutiques in the West Village and juicing meccas in Venice Beach.

This summer, London’s The Organic Pharmacy (its skincare products are favored by Jessica Alba, Lily Collins, and Marion Cotillard) opened a store and homeopathic therapy center on Bleecker Street in New York. In a back-of-house consultation room, a homoeopath conducts a 90-minute assessment that includes probing personal questions and a body scan that is said to measure hydration, food sensitivities, stress level, and toxic load. You emerge with a prescription for herbal supplements and concoctions (how can one resist something called Cellulite Tincture?), as well as, of course, recommendations from the skincare line.

On the West coast, meanwhile, L.A.’s cult juice bar Moon Juice is releasing a pantry of “high-functioning health staples” formulated to boost immunity, mood, complexion, and even libido. Developed by Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon, who is also a trained chef, the pantry includes powders like bee pollen, maca, pearl, and reishi mushroom, and a raw, nutrient-rich sprouted nut butters like almond and walnut. All wrapped in pretty labels with touches of copper, the Moon Juice pantry will soon have you swearing by bee pollen, even if it’s just so you can show off the jars.

Photos: Drink Up

Inside The Organic Pharmacy.

The Homeopathy Assessment room at The Organic Pharmacy.

Immune Support Tincture, $26,

Liver and Kidney Tincture, $26,

Moon Juice Pantry goods,

Moon Juice Bee Pollen, $15,