What: A dinner to introduce new scarves by artist Julio Le Parc.

When: Tuesday, December 1st.

Where: The new, 13,000-square-foot, three-story Hermès boutique in Miami’s Design District.

Who: Julio Le Parc, Elle Macpherson, Jorge Perez, developer Craig Robins, philanthropist Estrellita Brodsky.

Why: To showcase the new scarves designed with the Argentine Julio Le Parc, Hermès threw a dinner at its sprawling new boutique in Miami’s Design District that coincided with the city’s annual Art Basel fair. (The limited edition collection will be presented in June during the fair’s edition in Switzerland.) The project is the fourth iteration of the label’s Editeur initiative, started seven years ago to bring together the artisans in its Lyon-based silk workshops and visual artists. This time, artistic director Pierre-Alexis Dumas asked the veteran artist Le Parc to riff on six of the ten paintings in his series from the mid-70’s known as La Longue Marche. Le Parc played with different combinations from his original work to create ten series of six, colorful and intricate silk twill scarves measuring 35-by-35 inches, 60 of which were on view at the store. They retail through the label’s Editeur site for 7,000 euros, or nearly $7,500 at current exchange.