King Arthur Actress Hermione Corfield Channels a Chic Tim Burton Bride in Alessandra Rich

A storybook look.

As summer blockbuster season gets underway, with films like Guardians of the Galaxy 2, mother-daughter comedy Snatched, and Alien: Covenant recently released and titles like Baywatch about to emerge into the world, there’s naturally a British period piece on the horizon: the fantasy King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, with an impressive cast that includes Charlie Hunnam, Eric Bana, and a villainous Jude Law. This particular reimagining of the Arthurian fable has been in the works for a while, plagued by production setbacks, but it’s finally premiering wide this weekend—and the cast is doing the most on the red carpet. Nowhere is this more evident than in the wardrobe of young star Hermione Corfield, who has established herself as someone who belongs right in the middle of the biggest blockbusters (previous credits include the Mission Impossible and Xander Cage franchises) and the period fare that is the domain of so many young English actresses. Plus, she’s got style cred to spare, as she proves in this storybook Alessandra Rich look.

Hermione Corfield in Alessandra Rich at the premiere of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword in London, England, May 2017.

Karwai Tang/Getty Images

Who: Hermione Corfield.

When: Wednesday, May 10.

Where: The premiere of her new film, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword in London, England.

What: A white Alessandra Rich Fall 2017 dress featuring puffy sleeves, a button-down front and slit skirt with a tulle overlay, and a black sash belt with black sandals and side-parted hair.

Why: While puffy sleeves and the dainty sash waist give the dress the feel of a cotillion gown or wedding dress, the button-down bodice and intriguing center slit make it a little more contemporary. The edgy skirt counters the classic romanticism of the top and the sweet girlishness of her side-parted, clipped-back hair, giving it a Tim Burton-esque subversiveness. In that way, it feels fitting for the King Arthur premiere, blending fantasy with high fashion. And there’s nothing we love more than a Corpse Bride.