[#image: /photos/58538800e3d613c03e1ebc6e]||||||Insanely chic First Ladies aren't the only gals to champion a killer pair of riding boots. Thanks to official sponsor Ariat, the Olympic equestrian team will be sporting their own black beauties when they hop atop their warmbloods to compete in Beijing.

If your "Mom, I want a pony" pleas never came to fruition, don't fret--at least you can dress the part with Ariat's ultra-luxe Monaco field boots, fully tricked-out with spur rests and saddle grips. Though W accessories and jewelry director Brooke Magnaghi thinks they might be too literal a take, she does praise the "flattering" cut. And for a mere $900, you too can own uber-equestrienne Beezie Madden's footwear of choice. Tally ho!