[#image: /photos/5853870fd3b7a5db18f3b659]||||||From the glass shops and evil-eye bead stands to the carpet boutiques, Istanbul's Grand Bazaar (think extremely ornate mall) offers plenty of goods to take home to family, friends, and of course, ourselves. Carving out a few precious minutes from a shoot last week, my colleague Shiona Turini and I snuck off to spend some dough. Here's a sampler of our shopping tour in Turkey:

First-stop: Meters away from the bazaar entrance. Tunics and satchels, some made from old woven fabrics, others from popular prints a la Burberry, hang from the outdoor stands, tempting buyers to spend before even stepping inside. Purchased tunics for the moms, bags for the sisters. Regret not buying these tie-dye scarves.

[#image: /photos/58538710c7188f9b26c92c3b]||||||Second stop: Inside the bazaar, after a number of left turns. Gorgeous lamps! Wait, those are hookahs...But inside a glass shop, we find lovely actual lamps to hang from our ceilings. Sweet. Even sweeter, the Turkish delights tasted at candy stores--good for roommates and coworkers. Quick stop for Turkish coffee before keeling over from over-stimulus.