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Ian Schrager Works

"Ian Schrager Works." Photo courtesy of Rizzoli.

Ian Schrager is a legend in the world of hospitality. One of the founders of Studio 54 (oh, that place), Schrager is also credited with creating the concept of the “boutique hotel” from the ground up. The full breadth of his work can now be seen in his new book, “Ian Schrager Works,” featuring commentary from Vanity Fair architecture writer Paul Goldberger, architects John Pawson and Jacques Herzog as well as artist Julian Schnabel. More than 200 photographs take readers on a tour inside Schrager’s stunning lobbies, rooms, pools, and other luxurious spaces inside the Morgans, Paramount, Delano, Mondrian, and the Gramercy Park Hotel. If you can’t take a vacation this spring, check into this book instead.