W‘s Revamped In & Out Newsletter is Redesigned, and Cheekier Than Ever

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether you’re in or out, but do yourself a favor and sign up here.

Kenzo X Jungle Book

About a year ago, we relaunched our infamous In & Out list, a highlight of the magazine for decades, as a daily newsletter with the intent of keeping readers up to date with the latest in fashion, culture, celebrity, society and art. In that time, we’ve declared Rihanna’s savage shade, supermodels over 70, and dudes named Chris as decidedly “In.” Meanwhile, Ivanka Trump’s art collection, the concept of dating, and dudes named Ryan have all been deemed “Out.” Of course, more than a few things have flung between “in” and “out” status in that time. The world is fickle, and our tongues are firmly in cheek.

However, one thing we’ve decided is definitely “out” for good is our old look and layout. Like all good socialites, the In & Out newsletter was in need of a little “touch-up” and today we’re relaunching it with a shiny new style. One gets the urge for an aesthetic change after viewing a month of fashion shows, after all.

Of course, it will still be your cheat sheet to what to talk about at that fancy cocktail party—whether it’s the latest trends in the art world or the most recent round of designer musical chairs—and what to talk about at the less formal after party, like what to watch on Netflix this weekend and just what exactly those Hadids, Jenners, or Gerbers are up to now.

We’ll also provide you with the the hottest suggestions of who to follow on social media, and, once a month, we’ll run down everything in the zeitgeist you need to watch, binge and listen to. Our editors will also contribute their own “In” lists of what they’re consuming and enjoying while out and about.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether you’re in or out when it comes to subscribing, but do yourself a favor and sign up here.

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