In the new issue, Jenny Comita interviews Lisa Maria Falcone, a New York social who's been turning heads and raising eyebrows up and down Park Avenue these past few years. Falcone, never hard to spot in her outré designer wardrobe, has just produced the film Mother and Child, starring Naomi Watts, Annette Bening and Kerry Washington. The drama weaves together three stories about adoption, and opens May 7. Here, a few things we've learned:

—She has a pet pig named Wilbur whom she claims can play the piano.

—She's a true rags to riches story: She was raised in Spanish Harlem by single mom.

—She has been married to billionaire hedge funder Philip Falcone for over a decade.

—She's been known to play soccer with her daughters in Central Park decked out in a Lanvin dress and an opera-length strand of South Sea Pearls.

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