On Friday, we heard that Ingmar Bergman's estate (see Diane Solway's November story, "The Private World of Ingmar Bergman") was purchased by Norwegian entrepreneur, inventor, and archaeologist Hans Gude Gudesen, who intends to create a retreat for artists and scholars on Fårö, based on a plan advanced by the filmmaker's daughter Linn Ullmann. It will be run by a new foundation called The Bergman Estate of Fårö and work closely with two foundations bearing Bergman's name—the Ingmar Bergman foundation in Stockholm and the Bergman Center on Fårö.

Gudeson also bought most of Bergman's personal possessions at Bukowkis auction in September, all of which will be returned to Fårö. Bergman's home, Hammars, is to be preserved as it was when Bergman lived there.

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