On the Bubble

Fashion designer Iris van Herpen toasts her new collaboration with Dom Perignon.

Richard Geoffroy and Iris van Herpen

On the eve of New York Fashion Week, Dom Perignon celebrated its collaboration with fashion designer Iris van Herpen, hosting an over-the-top bash at Pioneer Works, Dustin Yellin’s art/science think tank in Red Hook. The latest in a long list of creatives to partner with Dom, van Herpen dreamed up a 3D-printed case for the brand’s Vintage 2004 as well as a magnetized sculpture constructed from ferrofluid, a rare liquid metal invented by NASA. She found inspiration for the piece, her very first static sculpture, in the “evolving nature of Dom’s maturation process and also the idea of rebirth,” she said. “For me this sculpture is like cooonasee, the liquid a butterfly uses to soften its wing for the next stage of metamorphosis. That’s what I tried to visualize‑in an abstract way of course.”

Van Herpen’s dynamic installation—which resembled a bubbling futuristic beetle—served as the centerpiece for an evening that brought together notables from art and fashion including Anja Rubik, Cory Kennedy, and Casey Neistat. Also in attendance was Dom Perignon’s famed Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy, who has mixed the brand’s vintages for 25 years. “What Iris achieves to me is mind blowing—there is something so powerful about her work. It was an instant fit,” he said. “My world is about memory making, it’s about the intensity of a moment and so is hers. Our chemistry made this collaboration.”

Photos: On the Bubble

Richard Geoffroy and Iris van Herpen. Photograph by

Herpen’s Cocoonase in action. Photograph by

Cocoonase and Dom Perignon Vintage 2004. Courtesy of brand.