Breaking it Down With Banks

IRO kicks off its 10th anniversary with a chic concert.


What: A celebration kicking off IRO’s 10th anniversary and the brand’s inaugural fine jewelry line, IRO.Life.

When: Thursday, April 30th

Where: The IRO flagship in SoHo, New York

Who: IRO US president Rahav Zuta was joined by models Hailey Baldwin and Mirte Maas, DJ Chelsea Leyland, Lo Bosworth, and singer Justine Skye.

Why: A special performance by Banks pretty much outshined everything.

Photos: Breaking it Down With Banks

Banks. Photo by

Chelsea Leyland. Photo by

Justine Skye. Photo by

Lo Bosworth. Photo by

Mirte Maas. Photo by

Rahav Zuta. Photo by

Hailey Baldwin. Photo by