Off Target

As anyone who has seen *Unzipped* can tell you, Isaac Mizrahi has a flair for theatrics.


As anyone who has seen Unzipped can tell you, Isaac Mizrahi has a flair for theatrics. It makes sense, then, that the 46-year-old’s career has had more acts than a Shakespearean drama: He’s been an actor (in Fame, among other flicks), a designer of high-end ready-to-wear, a cabaret performer, a talk-show host, the creator of a cheap-chic collection for Target, and a couturier, selling made-to-measure through Bergdorf Goodman. Now, Mizrahi is taking on yet another role: creative director of women’s wear for Liz Claiborne. In January the brand announced that it had recruited the designer, who will make his Claiborne debut for spring 2009. Mizrahi will end his partnership with Target, where his collection will be available through the end of the year. Liz Claiborne has faltered recently, losing much of its retail real estate at its biggest partner, Macy’s, last year. Clearly, execs at parent company Liz Claiborne Inc. are hopeful that Mizrahi’s dynamic personality and color sense can reverse the tide. “[Liz Claiborne] made fashion friendly and accessible, and in doing so, she became every woman’s best friend,” Mizrahi said in a statement. “These are all ideas I treasure.”

Mizrahi: Kyle Ericksen