Two New Beauty Obsessions

It’s no secret that I’m a beauty product whore. I love trying new things, and have convinced myself that my hair and skin are all the healthier for their exposure to a different “miracle”...


The first comes courtesy of Swiss skincare company Neocutis (left), which is in the freaky-sounding business of using cultured fetal skin cells to help reduce wrinkles and improve firmness. I can’t confirm whether this actually works but I can attest that their Journee tinted day cream with SPF 15 is an incredible complexion booster. Every other sunscreen-laden moisturizer I’ve ever used has resulted in an oily forehead within hours. Not this one. And the tint, while subtle, has an uncanny ability to even out my complexion, allowing me to sometimes (gasp!) forego foundation altogether.

The second product I’ve discovered is the Totally Transforming Concealer by Senna. Never a fan of mineral makeup, I’ve always found it too matte and mask-like on me. Senna’’s concealer, on the other hand, is different. For all my adult life, no matter which or how much concealer I’d apply, those pesky undereye circles would be visible by day’s end through my ultra-pale skin. Since I’ve discovered this one, though, I’ve been raking in the complexion compliments, even a full 12-hours after applying. Suddenly, product monogamy seems not so bad after all.