Jaime Winstone

Rising Brit starlet.


WHILE SHE STILL flies under the radar in the States, Jaime Winstone has become famous in her native England for three things: being the daughter of actor Ray Winstone and the girlfriend of actor Alfie Allen (younger brother to Lily), and for her string of TV and film roles in which, as she puts it, “I’m being chased by zombies or being covered in blood and jumping off a boat.” But the 25-year-old has “put a lid on” her relationship with Allen (she’s now dating photographer Tom Beard), and her new film—Made in Dagenham, a Sixties period piece based on the true story of seamstresses fighting for equal rights at a Ford Motor factory near London—should give her cred for more than gore. Working alongside Sally Hawkins and Bob Hoskins, Winstone, who plays Sandra, a spry Twiggy wannabe, describes Dagenham as a “proper movie.” Her grandmother, who was once employed at a Burberry plant, taught her how to use a sewing machine for the film. As for Winstone’s father, the veteran actor offered one piece of advice: “Do whatever makes you happy, but beware of vampires.”

Styled by Karen Clarkson; hair by Christian Wood; makeup by Karina Constantine; manicure by Mike Pocock.