We Need to Talk About Jake Gyllenhaal’s Gold Chain

An ode to Jake Gyllenhaal’s lil gold chain.

Premiere Of Sony Pictures' "Spider-Man Far From Home"  - Red Carpet
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

When it comes to style, Jake Gyllenhaal is a simple man. At media appearances, he can be found in a clean cut suit. In “celebrity sighting” snaps, he’s often wearing a crisp sweater or t-shirt. But lately, there is one accessory that Gyllenhaal has adopted into his sartorial expression of the self: a gold chain.

It wasn’t until May 2019 when a casual, but elegant gold chain started to appear on the actor’s neck in paparazzi snapshots and red carpet photos, and a quick search dating back a few years would have one thinking that the accoutrement appears to be a recent addition to Gyllenhaal’s wardrobe.

While promoting Spider-Man: Far From Home in Mexico last month, Gyllenhaal was spotted wearing the thin gold chain around his neck once again. Showing up with the accessory adorned on his person once could be pure coincidence. Maybe he just wanted to try something a little different, and nobody can blame him for that. But when that chain appeared around Gyllenhaal’s neck again for a third, fourth, and fifth time, his potential obsession with the gold ornament needed to assessed.

Jake Gyllenhaal at a *Spider-Man: Far From Home* press event in Mexico on May 4, 2019.

Victor Chavez

Jake Gyllenhaal and his chain spotted in Los Angeles on May 9, 2019.


The chain isn’t just part of his Spider-Man: Far From Home press wardrobe, either. He’s worn it while appearing at a June photo call for his Broadway play, Sea Wall/A Life, and even casually donned the necklace while out and about in Los Angeles too.

There’s that chain again, at the *Sea Wall/A Life* photo call on June 5, 2019.

Bruce Glikas

He’s worn it on The Graham Norton Show, at BBC Radio 1, and of course, at the Spider-Man Far From Home premiere last night.

The chain in question, making its appearance at *The Graham Norton Show* in June 2019.

Isabel Infantes – PA Images

The gold chain hanging delicately across Gyllenhaal’s neck during the *Spider-Man: Far From Home* premiere on June 26, 2019.

Albert L. Ortega

We have to ask, where did this chain come from, and who inspired the actor to wear it? Perhaps Gyllenhaal got his inspiration for the chain from Sean Paul, prominent chain-wearer and rapper of whom the actor is apparently a really big fan, or maybe this is really just DJ Pauly D‘s impact.

It is only natural that following the rise of the “scumbro” trend, this gold chain and slicked back hair combo could be thought of as its style successor. It’s representative of a different type of greasy sleaziness that is simplified, less sloppy, and much cleaner, and Gyllenhaal’s adoption of the thin gold chain is causing people online to feel some type of way.

So, yes, the gold chain and black tee is a look, but we’re going to need him to add more turtlenecks to his closet this winter to take it all the way home.

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