Dinner Time

Birchbox and Jamie Schneider host a stylish summer event in Los Angeles.

Ashley Benson and Jamie Schneider

What: An intimate summer dinner, hosted by stylist Jamie Schneider and Birchbox.

When: Wednesday, August 26th.

Where: Schneider’s home in Los Angeles.

Who: The stylist was joined by actresses Rashida Jones and Ashley Benson, jewelry designer Anita Ko, Kardashian hairstylist Jen Atkin, and It girl Erin Foster.

Why: The beautiful people love to gather in exchange for beauty swag.

Photos: Dinner Time

Ashley Benson and Jamie Schneider. Photo by Getty Images.

Rashida Jones. Photo by Getty Images.

Erin Foster. Photo by Getty Images.

Kelly Sawyer and Jen Atkin. Photo by Getty Images.