January Horoscopes: The Astro Poets Are Here to Guide You Into 2020

Twitter’s favorite astrologers predict a zodiac-wide boost in confidence.

Tim Walker

It was a bright and dark decade at times, but whatever has happened is over. Obviously the past isn’t coming back—even if, as you’ll see in your January horoscope, certain agents of it remain. This is what the full moon in Cancer on the 10th is here to teach us. The ethos of this water sign isn’t about forgetting, but nurturing as well. All of us will feel a jolt of genius toward the end of January; the new moon in Aquarius on the 24th brings with it a boost of confidence we’ve truly needed. This is the time to speed things up—romantically, at work, or whatever your ambition. Remember that time is a river and everywhere.

Yours in the stars and on Earth,

The Astro Poets


You’re at your best at beginnings. Not only are you the baby of the zodiac but your energy at initiating (when you want to) is unmatched. Make sure to surround yourself with all the “yes” people you know well this month. They will add to the already burning fire inside you to change things up. And you will be thinking a lot about change—your job, your proximity to your true passions, and what you really want to do. The good news is the right people are already there and ready to help you. The challenge will be you. You’ll have to let yourself say yes without asking for permission. This won’t be the first time. You know how to do this.


You’ve been on a positive kick for the last few months. You’ve gotten inspired by others to live your best self and have taken up new activities and hobbies that are in line with who you want this burgeoning you to be. You’ve also enjoyed much praise and success, which has propelled you to keep moving forward. January will charge you with incorporating this new sense of yourself with the person your professional contacts know. It might be a challenge, but you will handle this period with grace. What might drive this ease is your keen attention to detail, which will allow you to pick up on any subtle social cues you need to. Stay strong—your ability to endure is always one of your greatest assets.


There will be many voices who will doubt your ideas and intentions at the start of the year. This will actually be helpful. You will know exactly who to stay away from. This past year might have been a really confusing one—at times dark, too—but trusting yourself and your impulses is the key to breaking out in 2020. You have never chosen practicality as a go-to guide, and perhaps this is what hurt you last year. Be as wild and as free as you need to be this month. Reconnect with your ability to be fascinated with yourself and your own psyche. I guess what we’re saying is—be a little in love with you. Not everyone else is as dynamic or fun.


When things get rough, you like to hide away in a safe space you’ve created to provide solace in these moments. You will find yourself going there often this month. Friendships and professional acquaintances will ask a lot of you, and you will need to recharge. Keep reminding yourself that it’s okay to take this time, and that if others can’t realize this, that truly is their problem. You give so much that oftentimes you forget just how much. Professionally, there may be some slow starts as the month goes on, but all of this slowness is gearing up for some exciting things in the near future. Just keep being your fantastic self—people are taking notice and love everything that you do.


You’ll feel very in love with everyone and everything this month. So much so that you will begin to doubt if you are actually happy in your (more or less) stable arrangement. That may be work or it may be romance. But you’ve been repressing your spontaneity these last few months and it hasn’t been good for you. Worse than being “trapped” for a Leo is believing that you actually are, so you’re going to have to change your thinking. It may sound ridiculous, but go back and read a book you really connected with in your childhood. When you were someone who couldn’t see whatever trap you’ve set for yourself now. Nothing is permanent. And you are a star.


Lately, you’ve had a lot of nervous energy and not enough outlets for it. You’ve enjoyed this holiday period because it has allowed you to focus on family and giving your loves ones the attention and care you know they deserve. But with the new year, you will now be thinking of new beginnings and what you want for the next 12 months. Parts of you want things to stay just as they are and other parts feel like you need to a change. The most important thing to remember is that change can come at your own pace. Just keep checking in with yourself and try not to feel overwhelmed by your need to please others. If you stay true to how you really feel at all times, you will be super.

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You’ll be in many rooms with many dazzling people. But you’ll have your eye on just one. Or at least, you’ll be looking. This month will bring out the romantic in you, which is rarely seen in public. Of course, your friends all recognize this quality, but you’ve been protecting your heart with real steel and grace these past months. A potentially blunt but honest thing a good friend will say to you will shock you into being more proactive. Something about love but also about the future, which isn’t just theoretical, no matter how your beautiful Libra mind processes it. More than anything, you’re afraid of judgment. What if the world really saw how analytical and strange you are? They already have. They love it.


Right now, you feel like you need some alone time. This is in spite of the fact that you also long to be with your friends and other important members of your social circle. Yes, you can live in contradictions like this and that’s a good side of you. This month, you should take the space you need to let both things be a reality. Create some time for you to think and read alone and then also book some date nights and parties for the coming weeks. This oscillation of lone thinking and collaboration is good for your soul right now. And your particular soul, with its immense magnitude, is a thing to be cultivated and cherished always.


There is no one in your way this month. There are only old ideas. All of them must go, and not only because they don’t serve you, but because you have never been one about ideas old or new. You are a sign of action and impulse. You are best when you are living out even what you haven’t had time to dream up. This year will call on you to be very brave and honest with yourself. It might take you down a career path you never imagined. Things will likely be less stable, but you will be more happy. If you let yourself, you will see that you have always gravitated toward a freedom that doesn’t promise anything. But one that’s real.


This month you will be feeling earthier than usual. You will want to engage in the sensual, and to enjoy life for all that it has to offer in terms of pleasure. You will be attracted to forests and might want to do some sort of camping rituals with your dearest friends. Give into these energies as they will bring you the great healing you didn’t know you needed. Also, you never know—you might make bonds on these camping trips that could lead to something important professionally. Always be looking to the future. Oh but you know this already!


In the new light you’ll strangely find yourself reconnecting with old friends or at least someone from the past. You won’t stay there long, but this will be good for you and bring about resolution you’ve been seeking for a while. What you really have been looking for is a new way to see—your life, your work, your friendships. Don’t be so hard on yourself at the start of the year. There’s a tendency for you to push even when you’re doing well. But there’s equilibrium solely in being reflexive. In being inactive. In thinking it through or just sitting with things. If you find yourself there, know that you’re already moving forward.


As the new year starts, you are going to really be ready for some big achievements. At the end of last month you took some time to assess what you want from the future and one word kept coming into your mind: ambition. This is not to suggest that you are thinking you must be ruthless in this upcoming year. You’re just ready to do what you need to do to reach your full potential, and you have the energy to make it happen. In terms of love, you will have many interested parties. The good news is that you don’t need to choose just one. This month, enjoy love in all its possibilities!

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