Jared Leto’s Oscar Has Been Missing for Three Years, But He’s Chill About It

This is the man who also literally once lost his own head.

Jared Leto with his Oscar.
Photo by Jason LaVeris/WireImage

If you’re like me, you’ve practiced your Oscars acceptance speech in the front of the mirror way too many times to count. You’ve also set aside space on your IKEA bookshelf to display your dream Oscar, and mentally picked out your couture gown to wear on the red carpet. If you are Jared Leto, however, winning an Oscar is apparently no big deal — because he lost it. As in, his statue is missing and he does know where it is. The actor is, apparently, trademark chill about it.

Leto appeared virtually on The Late Late Show with James Corden, where he revealed that he lost his 2014 Best Supporting Actor Oscar in a move. “I found out that it’s been missing for three years,” he said. “I didn’t know that — I don’t think anyone wanted to tell me. It could be somewhere, but everyone’s searched for it high and low. I hope it’s in good hands wherever it is. We haven’t seen it for quite some time.”

Why wouldn’t he have that thing displayed in a padlocked curio cabinet to begin with? Did his assistants have to draw straws among themselves to choose who would deliver the bad news? Did he not have eyes on his Oscar 24/7?

Apparently not, even when his Academy Award was in his possession. Leto recalled the night he won it: “I passed it around to so many people,” he said. “It was beat up and scratched up, but people had fun taking pictures with it. It’s nice to share it so hopefully, someone is taking good care of it.”

Corden was just as incredulous as the rest of us. “Hang on, you really think somebody else has got it?” he asked. Leto conceded that it was a “good possibility,” because it’s “not the sort of thing someone accidentally throws in the trash.” No, Oscars are generally not thrown in the trash, but they also don’t go missing for years without the winner knowing about it. If my Oscar went missing, it would be an immediate case for the FBI.

Though, this isn’t the first time Leto has lost something. He also thinks that the replication of his own head he once carried at the Met Gala was also stolen. Proving that, yes, he would really lose his own head it wasn’t attached to this body.