Jayne Min for & Other Stories

Jayne Min for & Other Stories

A West Coast minimalist’s dream comes to life in Jayne Min’s new styling story for the ever-collaborating & Other Stories. Photographed around Los Angeles, the California-based stylist and consultant (not to mention, founder of the long cult-followed blog, STOP IT RIGHT NOW) models perfectly messy hair and monochromatic looks that beg to be tried at home. Ahead of the collaboration launch on October 15th, Min shared some fool-proof styling advice.

When did you first discover & Other Stories?
I discovered & Other Stories early last year when they were relatively new. Their concept of stories was different from what I was seeing from fast fashion at the time. But I really fell in love with the brand when I saw older model Ingmari Lamy in one of their shoots. That's when I knew it was a brand for me.

What was your starting point for this story?
The starting point was my home base of Los Angeles, CA, highlighting all my favorite spots.

How did you choose these locations?
Rather than showcasing obvious landmarks or recognizable spots that are found frequently in LA city guides, I wanted to incorporate my off the beaten path favorites—the places special and personal to me. These places often go unnoticed and are special to me for odd reasons, like the pink wall and green door I grew to love driving by everyday on my way home.

How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is rooted in comfort and heavily mood based. Easy to label a tomboy, but I also secretly love the occasional ruffle or floral. No fuss.

What are your favorite pieces from this story?
My favorites always used to be crazy standout pieces, but the older I get the more I appreciate simple pieces I can wear every day. The thin turtleneck is great to layer under everything. And I'm really into the cropped trousers as well

What are 5 pieces you think every woman needs this fall?
A nice soft chunky sweater, a super thin cashmere sweater, a linen t-shirt, simple tailored trousers, and a coat that could almost double as a bathrobe.

What’s your favorite fall styling trick?
A thin turtleneck under everything.

You’re all about comfort, but you always look so put together. How do you find a balance?
There's a difference between comfort and sloppy. Sure sometimes I like both, but comfort can be jeans and a ratty t-shirt or also wide leg trousers (maybe with an elastic waist?) and a cashmere sweater. Comfort is not having to worry about belly rolls or wiping your hands on your pants (jk I don't do that) or hobbling in heels. Plus I will always choose interesting over sexy any day. And when in doubt, always go with black.