JC de Castelbajac’s Downtown Destination

The French designer celebrated Resort 2015 in New York

Annette and Phoebe Stephens

What: A raging celebration of JC de Castelbajac’s Resort 2015 presentation—the designer’s first in the US.

When: Tuesday, June 3rd.

Where: ACME’s downstairs party space.

Who: A collection of It girls, including those who are designers by day (Annette and Phoebe Stephens, Katie Gallagher, and Jennifer Fisher) and those who DJ at night (Chelsea Leyland, Harley Viera Newton, and Leslie Kirchhoff.)

Why: If Chanel can bring it’s resort collection to Dubai, and Louis Vuitton can take to Monaco, why can’t the Morroco-born, France-based designer show in New York City?

Photos: JC de Castelbajac’s Downtown Destination

Annette and Phoebe Stephens. Photo by

Jennifer Fisher. Photo by

Harley Viera Newton. Photo by

Kitty Cash. Photo by

Genevieve Jones. Photo by

Lily Lane. Photo by

Chelsea Leyland. Photo by

Katie Gallagher. Photo by

Sabine Heller. Photo by

Athena Calderone. Photo by

Princess Khaliya Aga Kahn. Photo by

Leslie Kirchhoff. Photo by

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