Jeff Koons for HM

Jeff Koons for H&M. Courtesy of the brand.

Band of Outsiders
The New York-based brand is collaborating with a Seattle-based coffee monopoly that you might have heard of: Starbucks.

Has released two T-shirts illustrating the lyrics for “Blow” and “Drunk in Love” with emojis. Is also under attack for not combing Blue Ivy’s hair. We know exactly which emoji to use here.

Delevingne, Cara
Accidentally uses copyrighted design in new tattoo. Gets away with it, of course.

Bringing bag design to the masses with a new app. What does Karl have to say about that?

Hash, Anne Valerie
The couture designer is joining French high street label Comptoir des Cottoniers. Très chic.

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Hince, Jamie
Admits that he finds his wife Kate Moss annoyingly beautiful. Who doesn’t?

Koons, Jeff
Has finally created a piece of art that you can afford: a $50 bag in collaboration with H&M.

Menkes, Suzy
Bans bitchiness, is still the boss.

The brand’s resort 2015 collection was so hot, “it literally started a fire” at Milk Studios. Hence, the firemen.

Pitt, Brad
Wore a T-shirt that may have been drawn by his kids. Just in time for Father’s Day.

Prince Charles
Burned his non-natural fiber sweaters to encourage wool-wearing in June. Poly-blends be damned!

A new line of technology-enhanced jewelry will alert you to important phone activity. All they need is a collaboration with Cartier and I’m sold.

The bodywear brand plans to launch a collection of lycra-blend jeans this summer; disappoints Prince Charles who would really prefer the collection to be available in wool.